Sunday, November 30, 2014

$0.99 Electronics Deal - Raspberry Pi Model B w/ NOOBs SD Card

We are bringing back our $0.99 Electronics Deal. For this deal we offer up a promotion for a limited quantity (usually 1 but sometimes more) and sell an item for $0.99, shipping not included. The deal is made available through obvious or not so obvious ways. For this time around a coupon will be sent out from @atomsindustries twitter account at a random time. The coupon will bring the price for the item down to $0.99 and will only be good once. So only one person will get to use it. You'd better follow @atomsindustries and be ready to react when it happens.

To make it fun for more people we are currently implementing the rule that if you have received the $0.99 Electronics Deal in the past you cannot receive it again. If you try, the order will be canceled and the deal will go out again. This may change in the future but that is how it is for now.

For these types of promotions to keep going we need to see increasing involvement. So if you would like to continue to see these deals, you need to spread the word about them. Chances are if you are into DIY electronics you know others that are too. Let them know they have a chance to get some great items at a very low price. If you do receive the deal then let people know what you got and how you plan to use it.

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