Tuesday, July 9, 2013

$0.99 Electronics Deal - Raspberry Pi Model A 256MB

This is an experimental promotion. Hopefully it all works out...but it will only work out for 1 person 1 time.  Sometime in the next few days a coupon code will be sent from the @atomsindustries twitter handle that will discount a Raspberry Pi Model A 256MB down to $0.99 on www.AtomsIndustries.com. The coupon is only good for one use so the first one that gets their order in gets it. So be sure to follow us so you can react as fast a possible. Assuming everything works out. Who knows, that's why it’s an experiment. No one but Atoms Industries employees will know the date and time and we don't even know exactly yet. But I can tell you that it will be after yesterday.

You will still have to pay shipping though, so don't just show up with a dollar and a dream.

Disclaimer: A Raspberry Pi is a non-perishable credit card sized computer and should not be eaten under most if not any circumstances.

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